Since 2002, the Cornwall AONB has worked to conserve and enhance Cornwall's protected landscape so that it remains Cornwall's key economic asset, valued by local people and visitors alike


Our 20 year VISION

 “The status of the Cornwall AONB as a nationally and internationally important protected landscape, with equal status and protection to that of a National Park, is recognised by all.

 The landscape characteristics that combine to give the Cornwall AONB its natural beauty, unique identity and sense of place are fully understood. The AONB landscape is conserved and enhanced at every opportunity through effective partnership working; achieving environmental growth, reversing losses of natural capital, biodiversity and heritage and improving resilience to climate change. A landscape that is accessible and appreciated by everyone.

 Communities and businesses in Cornwall are underpinned by a protected landscape that provides prosperity, good health and a high quality of life. They understand the value of the Cornwall AONB and take advantage of the opportunities it provides, whilst reinvesting in the landscape in order to sustain these benefits long term.”