Growing our woodland cover for the benefit of all

Cornwall Council is the Lead Partner on this initiative with partnership support being provided by the Cornwall AONB, Tamar Valley AONB and the Woodland Trust.

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The purpose of a Tree Canopy Charter for Cornwall is to:

  • To clarify CC position on trees, woodlands and hedges

  • To inform operational asset management and CC activity for the benefit of Cornwall’s canopy

  • To identify, catalyse and prioritise opportunities to increase and improve Cornwall’s canopy

  • To capture and monitor details of existing projects and initiatives which will help to deliver tree planting, hedge construction and positive tree, woodland and hedge management.

  • To catalyse coordinated action to deliver future environmental growth activity that will result in increased or improved canopy cover.

  • To increase awareness of the importance and role of trees, woodlands and hedges in Cornwall in culture and communities

  • To improve our understanding of the Canopy resource (extent, quality, species mix etc., age), including  risks, trends and opportunities

  • To establish a suite of measures to monitor success

  • To influence the national agenda

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  • The Cornwall Canopy charter will encompass street trees, woodland, parkland, orchards, farmed landscape, iconic, ancient, veteran, Landscape Trees, public open spaces, Registered Parks and Gardens, private gardens in rural and urban areas. It also includes hedgerows and Cornish hedges.

  • The Charter will be for and on behalf of the whole of Cornwall at a strategic level

  • The Charter will set out more detailed activity in relation to CC assets and operations.

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The future

The Charter will include:

  1. A vision (related to the Environmental Growth vision)

  2. A position statement

  3. A call to action (new and future)

  4. An action plan for CC (new and future)