Read all about It - AONB Natural Capital Report is officially launched!

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The official launch of the first assessment of Cornwall AONB Natural Capital was a great success.


75 delegates from a range or businesses, organisations, community groups and government bodies joined the Cornwall AONB team at New County Hall to hear about our year long project on Natural Capital and its potential for improvement to Cornwall’s landscape, well being, business and biodiversity.

Presented by Oliver Holzinger from the Consultancy for Environmental Economics and Policy (CEEP) and Pat Laughlin from the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD), the Natural Capital report assessed data over a 10-year period on 5 main habitat types of the Cornwall AONB and examined its monetary and societal value for the economic and environmental growth of Cornwall.

The report is in three parts

Executive Summary

Main Report

Technical Appendices

  • The definition of Natural Capital and ecosystem services in the context of the Cornwall AONB.
  • Examination of data for ecosystems within the Cornwall AONB areas including wetland, heathland, grassland and woodland areas to discover whether these habitats have improved or degraded over the decade of available data.
  • A Natural Capital assessment case study: assessing wetland, heathland, woodland and grassland habitats in the Godrevy to Portreath AONB area.
  • Outcomes of an opportunity mapping stakeholder workshop
  • Vision and Principles for the Natural Capital management in the Cornwall AONB
  • Tools and mechanisms for management and investment in Natural Capital as well as businesses engagement
  • Conclusions, recommendations and the next steps.

The recommendations, through an a comprehensive All-Partner action plan include short, medium and long term goals which include monitoring and data collection to ensure up to date information is collected and maintained. It also looks at investment and funding opportunities and positive planning for Natural Capital. This would take the form of further business engagement and working with individual sectors and development sites to gain grass roots information and data to feed into the next part of the project.

This is the first stage of what we hope will be a momentum towards a strategy to improve and manage the Natural Capital in the Cornwall AONB and Cornwall wide for the benefit of us all.

The report is available to download from the Cornwall AONB website from Monday 30th Jan.

The Business Survey click here is also still online and we encourage you to take 10 minutes to get involved, have your say and be part of the Natural Capital movement.

Any questions or comments on the report or for any further information please contact Colette Beckham, Cornwall AONB Partnership Manager : email