The Roseland has gone Wild!

... And they want YOU to join them!

The Cornwall AONB Unit attended the first meeting of the Wild Roseland Group on Monday 15th February after receiving clear instructions to ‘park at the top’ and walk down to the Ruan Lanihorne Reading Room on the Roseland Peninsula and to make sure we wore wellies as they were expecting a particularly high Spring Tide! (the adjoining marsh tends to become saturated, which means it takes longer for the water to disperse and it may be necessary to wade the last few metres along the lane to our meeting venue).

As it was, feet remained dry, thanks to the sterling advice of the St Mawes Harbour Master who lives in Ruan Lanihorne and who assured us the tide would be receding by the time our meeting was due to start and all would be well. Jane Davies, Cornwall AONB Development Officer did take her wellies and did park ‘at the top’ just to be on the safe side.

The Wild Roseland Group is made up of a team of very willing Roseland residents who have got together to form the 'Wild Roseland' Group for the benefit of the natural environment of the area and who are very knowledgeable and committed individuals when it comes to protecting the nature and landscape of the Roseland Peninsula.

There are a number of sub-groups which go to make up the overall Wild Roseland Group. Each sub-group is very pro-active in delivering their individual responsibilities which range from; a Barn Owl nest box project, a hedgerow survey (some of the mapping details hedges dating back to 1696!), a Wild Flower project (various suitable areas with parishes have been identified for wild flower planting), a Nature Walk project (producing leaflets for various wildlife walks for residents and visitors alike).

The Wild Roseland Group are currently looking for willing volunteers who can bring complimentary skills to support the various sub-groups and who are passionate about the natural environment by helping to support and protect this tranquil part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with its distinctive flora and fauna, farms, hedges, country lanes and stunning coastline.

Just one essential requirement - you must own a pair of wellies as you never know when you might need them.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Wild Roseland Group or volunteering with them please contact:

 Colin Hastings at