Natural Capital report launch - you're invited!

Our Natural Capital project is complete -

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Launch of Phase 1 of the Cornwall AONB Natural Capital Project

26th Jan 2017 10.30-12:00 Council Chamber, New County Hall, Truro

Phase 1 of the Cornwall AONB's Natural Capital project is nearing completion and a report will be launched at a free event at New County Hall in Truro on 26th January 2017, 10.30 am. If you would like to attend, please get in touch with Karen Johns at the AONB Unit to book.

The Cornwall AONB Natural Capital Project has mapped 5 main Natural Capital Types for Cornwall's protected landscape, Semi Natural Grassland; Open Water; Woodland; Heathland, Wetland and Disturbed Ground and Arable and Improved Grassland. The study has used the best data available to examine change in extent of these habitats between 1995-2005. We hope to be able to immediately update this aspect of the work once the new Land Cover Dataset is available from the Environmental Records Centre, ERCCIS next year. The study has examined which ecosystem services e.g. flood control, water quality and food production is best provided by which Natural Capital Type showing that Arable and Improved grassland has high value for food production but less of a role in water quality. Conversely our Heathland and Wetlands play a critical role in water quality and flood management but less of a role in food production.

Part of the study includes a valuing case study. We have examined 4 services provided by our Godrevy to Portreath Section of the AONB (covering an area of only 231ha). We have examined the services of Recreation, Wild Species Diversity, Flood regulation and Climate Regulation and attempted to estimate a pounds and pence value for these services. Valuing studies such as this do come with a lot of uncertainty and the method is heavily caveat-ed. However if we can understand the true contribution the whole of our protected landscape makes to the economy and social prosperity of Cornwall, we can begin to better understand its importance, improve decision making and target investment where it is most needed.

For more information about the project, please contact Colette Beckham, Cornwall AONB Partnership Manager : email