Cornwall AONB beaches in Sunday Times top ten

We’re proud to be in the top 10 of The Sunday Times 50 Best British Beaches

Guess what? The number 1 beach (Portheras Cove) in the Sunday Times list of 50 Best British Beaches is in the Cornwall AONB, not that we’re bragging but just to let you know so is number 3 (Church Cove), 4 (Kynance Cove), 5 (Kennack Sands), 8 (Pendower), 9 (Vault Beach), 10 (Treyarnon), 11 (Harlyn) and 12 (Daymer Bay).

Kynance Cove, South Coast Western Section, CornwallAONB

Kynance Cove, South Coast Western Section, CornwallAONB

Covering 958 sq. km the Cornwall AONB includes 10 stretches of Cornish coastline with secret coves and beautiful beaches. We love our beaches and so we’re really pleased to have them included in The Sunday Times top 50 list and we’re sure you too will love, enjoy and respect them and care for them as we do. 

Our Management Plan ensures we look after our land and seascapes and we are currently in the middle of drafting our new Management Plan which will cover the period February 2016 to February 2021. We have to seriously consider how external pressures will impact upon the AONB such as climate change, energy generation and fossil fuel depletion, changes in land management practices, economic and development pressures, population change and housing, lifestyle changes, visitor and recreational pressure as well as legislative and policy changes.

You can say the AONB designation is the guardian, making sure that the beaches you enjoy either as a resident or visitor to Cornwall are kept in prime condition and protected from any unnecessary or unsympathetic development or pressures, that way we ensure that the beaches in the AONB continue to stay in the list of top 10 of Best British Beaches.