Penwith Landscape Consultation

An interim informal group commissioned the community consultation work to capture the aspirations of the local community regarding their landscape and between September 2012 and January 2013 independent consultants (Rose Regeneration) gathered views locally from over 380 individuals.

The findings of the community consultation, collated by independent consultants Rose Regeneration, showed there is widespread local commitment to make progress towards positive action for conserving the special qualities of Penwith’s landscape.

Work is now under way towards bringing together a local community based formal ‘Penwith Landscape Partnership’. Interested community groups already active in the care of the local landscape will input to finding the most appropriate governance structure and membership for this ‘Penwith Landscape Partnership’.

In addition building on the results of the consultation, discussions with active groups will seek to develop ideas into a programme of projects and funding applications for the Penwith landscape. 

For further information please contact the Cornwall AONB Unit

The consultation's findings included:

- Strong support for economically, environmentally and socially viable farming and the key role it plays in the landscape

- Strong recognition of the significance of the historic and natural environment and the need to maintain this – in many cases making a positive link between natural and historic environment management and farming

- Strong support for providing appropriate access to the landscape (there were many mentions of need for connected footpath/bridle path network and the Tinners’ Way and appropriate interpretation/explanation/promotion

- The AONB Unit are working closely with partners and local communities to explore the feasibility of a Landscape Partnership bid application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to take forward the communities aspirations and vision.

The full report of the community consultation (September 2012 to January 2013) and a summary is provided here. There is a wide range of comments and issues from the community consultation held during last Autumn and Winter.