A Healthy and Happy AONB

There are vast opportunities for using the outstanding landscapes and seascapes of the Cornwall AONB as a means to inspire local people and our visitors to explore and enjoy our area for health, leisure and recreation. Our Vision for the AONB is that the protected landscape will become Cornwall’s National Health Service, exploiting the proven benefits to health and wellbeing of increased participation in outdoor activities.

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Currently physical activity rates within the Cornwall AONB are lower than other parts of Cornwall, which in itself is far lower than that of the UK average. Given the known link between low rates of physical activity and preventable, life threatening diseases, together with the close proximity of our 12 AONB sections to many of Cornwall’s largest urban areas, we believe the AONB has a huge role to play in delivering a more healthy and happy Cornwall.

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partnership working

Through our 22 Partnership Member organisations, the Cornwall Sports Partnership and Public Health Cornwall we are committed to increasing the opportunities for local people and our visitors to enjoy the AONB for recreation and volunteering for health benefits, whilst at the same time supporting the management of our access, landscape, biodiversity and heritage.

Our work will ensure that we integrate opportunities for increased physical activity across our whole programme of projects as well as develop a discrete project to offer coordinated opportunities for the Cornwall AONB to be prescribed for health and wellbeing benefits.

Next steps

During 2019 we aim to undertake an audit of the physical recreation and volunteering opportunities available across our Partnership members and to identify the scope for increasing these opportunities as well as overcoming the barriers which currently prevent all sections of our local communities from accessing them.